Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Ways to Visualize Your Ideas

Get My Graphic just added new editable PowerPoint graphics to help you better communicate your ideas in unique and memorable ways.

Hub and Spoke Graphics
Below is a sampling of the Hub and Spoke graphics added this past week. You can view the entire collection of these graphics on Get My Graphic under What's New.



How to Use Them

These new Hub and Spoke graphics show relationship or structure. Use these graphics to speak about green technology being deployed throughout your company with each petal representing a different department. If your organization sells nature-based products, a flower image will support the theme of natural ingredients or environmentally friendly processes.

These fully editable PowerPoint graphics are vector based. You can change the colors, remove and add petals, and animate the image.

Communicate These Concepts 
  • Structure
  • Relationship
  • Interaction
  • Organization
  • Green technology
  • Natural products
  • Nature
  • Environment
  • Environmentally-friendly products or processes
  • Agriculture

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