Monday, April 6, 2015

New Animated PowerPoint Graphics on Get My Graphic

In response to customer requests, we have added a new graphic type to Get My Graphic: Animated.

All our vector-based graphics can be ungrouped and pieces animated. You can view our animation suggestions on our YouTube channel. Check out Taylor Croonquist of Nuts & Bolts Speed Training. He shows what a PowerPoint expert can do with our graphics, and he shares how you can create these interesting animated effects too.

Our new Animated graphics offer suggestions to engage your audience in different ways and make your presentations more memorable. These graphics will also save you time in creating animations from scratch. Here's how to check out our new Animated graphic types.

Under the Search tab click on Select Graphic Type.

Select Animated, the first graphic type on the list. Then click the orange Search Now button. You'll find a page showing a variety of animated graphics.

Click on any image. You will be directed to the page describing that image and buttons for adding the graphic to your portfolio or downloading it. Directly below these buttons is a gray bar for Related Graphics, Ratings, and Videos. Click on Videos to view the animation for that graphic.

Since the animations were applied in PowerPoint, you can change or delete the animation and edit the graphic and text.

Check out a few of our new Animated graphics below and become inspired to communicate your ideas in interesting ways.

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