Monday, August 10, 2015

eLearning Brothers Acquires Get My Graphic

When we started Get My Graphic, the vision was to empower our customers to achieve their goals using powerful visuals. Today I’m happy to let you know about the exciting next step in this goal. Get My Graphic has been acquired by eLearning Brothers, LLC. This acquisition supercharges what our customers can do by offering more graphics than we ever imagined. It also opens up two more amazing products: a Cutout People Image Library and a Stock Image Library. This acquisition will give you the tools you need to continue making amazing presentations.

Founded in 2009, eLearning Brothers is a global provider of eLearning templates and assets, custom eLearning design, and training for eLearning professionals. They are based in the Salt Lake City area (American Fork) of Utah, USA, with 50+ employees.

It was a hard decision to sell our service, since we grew this business from the ground up. However, we wanted to expand our graphic offerings, and eLearning Brothers has the resources and talent to continue servicing our clients at the level they expect while providing a large and diverse range of visual solutions.

We are very excited about eLearning Brothers taking over the reins of Get My Graphic, which is now Get My Graphics. Through this new site, our clients will have access to a diverse range of visuals with which to communicate their ideas. We will continue to work with eLearning Brothers over the next year to add new PowerPoint graphics to their collection. We'll also be available to help eLearning Brothers and our clients with this transition. Our original site, Get My Graphic, will continue to operate until we have transitioned all clients to the new Get My Graphics site.

Below is information for our current clients about the acquisition and transition. You should receive an email or phone call from eLearning Borthers with these details.

What do you need to know/do:

Yearly Subscription Customers (Active)
If you were an active yearly subscriber (paid up front in full) on the original Get My Graphic site, then your account has been upgraded! It now includes:
  • The PowerPoint Graphic Library (This is the original Get My Graphic site offering)
  • The Cutout People Library. That’s over 25,000 images already cutout and ready to use. 
Depending on the size of your account you might have also received the:
  • The Stock Images Library. Over 1,000,000 royalty free images/graphics of anything you can imagine.
You will receive an email with your new, randomly generated password. Use that, along with your email address as your username, to log in, check out the new offering, and start downloading.
Monthly Subscription Customers (Active)
If you were an active monthly subscriber on the previous Get My Graphic site, then your account has been upgraded! It now includes:
  • The PowerPoint Graphic Library (This is the original Get My Graphic site offering)
  • The Cutout People Library. That’s over 25,000 images already cutout and ready to use.
  • The Stock Images Library. Over 1,000,000 royalty free images/graphics of anything you can imagine.
You will receive an email with your new, randomly generated password. Use that, along with your email address as your username, to log in, check out the new offering, and start downloading.
Important: Your credit card information will need to be entered. We are using a new payment processor, and old credit card information was not transferred over. Please login to your account (note the “s”) and click on the “Subscriptions” tab. Click the “Details” link for the subscription that is about to expire. On the right side of the screen add a new card. Finally, click the green “Enable Auto-Renewals” button.
Now you’re all set. 
Monthly Subscription Customers (Expired)
If you had a monthly subscription on the original Get My Graphic site we invite you to check out the new offering. You’ll find all of the same great PowerPoint Graphics plus even more!
Customers that Purchased Credits (NO remaining credits)
If you purchased credits on the original Get My Graphic site, and used all of them, you will receive an email with your new, randomly generated password. Use that, along with your email address as your username, to log in, check out the new offering, and start downloading.
Customers that Purchased Credits (with remaining credits)
If you purchased credits on the original Get My Graphic site, and still have a remaining credit balance, then your account has been upgraded! You now have one month’s access to unlimited downloads of the PowerPoint graphics that you have come to know and love.
You will receive an email with your new, randomly generated password. Use that, along with your email address as your username, to log in, check out the new offering, and start downloading.
Free Customers
If you had a free account on the original Get My Graphic site, you are eligible for the 7-day free trial on the new GetMyGraphics site. Take a look at our subscriptions, choose which one you would like, and get started!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or call 801-796-2767

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why the Presentation Summit? An Interview with Rick Altman

This week on our blog, we have a virtual interview with Rick Altman, the man behind the Presentation Summit. If you want to learn amazing and helpful presentation tricks and best practices that will blow the socks off your audience, then check out the Presentation Summit this year in New Orleans, LA, from Sept. 27-30. It's a must-attend event for anyone wanting to take their presentations to the next level of success. 

And because he's an awesome guy, Rick is giving our readers $75 OFF the conference price for a limited time. Enter NOLA75 in the client code field when you register online.

BDG (Mike Parkinson): What can attendees expect to get out of the Presentation Summit? What will they learn?

Rick Altman: We cover the whole of the presentation experience: message crafting, presentation design, slide creation, software technique, and delivery. We cover all of this through seminars, workshops, discussions, and a hands-on help center.

BDG: By software, you mean PowerPoint?

RA: Yes, but not exclusively. We acknowledge that 99% of our patrons use PowerPoint, but not only PowerPoint. They need to know about complementary software like image-editing and graphic apps, charting tools, plug-ins and add-ins, and cloud-based services. And they need to know about the alternatives to PowerPoint, as well. You might not be destined to become, say, Prezi users for life, but you would still benefit from knowing its value and the scenario in which you might want to turn to it. And hey, if you end up converting to a PowerPoint alternative because it's the better tool for you and we're the ones who exposed you to it, that's a win-win.

BDG: How does the Presentation Summit differ from other conferences?

RA: Because we have great people like you attending!

BDG: (Laughs) Okay, besides that!

RA: In all seriousness, that's not far from the truth. I think the world of the conference-attending public. They seek to enrich their lives with educational experiences and to step outside of their comfort zones and their daily routines. Those are truly wonderful qualities to have, so I am predisposed to liking people who attend conferences. But many conferences offer just the learning component, and if they are in the range of 500-600 people, they are impersonal by nature. These cool people often don't get to be themselves at typical business conferences.

BDG:  You prefer smaller conferences?

RA: Yes, I do–we think 200 patrons is perfect. We can be much more personal with them, and in so doing, we encourage our patrons to be themselves. If you take all of these good people with warm personalities who attend conferences, and you give them an opportunity to let all of their good qualities surface, you end up with a magnificent community of folks who create an almost-magical atmosphere. They truly enjoy meeting one another, and they learn almost as much from those interactions as they do from our experts. They become part of a support network of peers that they never knew existed, and we've seen that network grow stronger year over year, to the point where people who have met at the conference now consider themselves life-long friends.

BDG: Every year at the Summit, I look forward to geeking out with people passionate about presenting like I am and reconnecting with my presenter pals. Your conference is filled with folks in the presentation field at all levels of their careers from beginner to expert. I've learned something new each time I attended. What are you most excited about this year?

RA: Got an hour? When you only hold one conference a year, you get excited very easily.

BDG: Yes, you are notorious for that.

RA: And I wear it as a badge of honor. So for this year, we are thrilled—can I say that we are jazzed?—to be returning to the French Quarter of New Orleans, after having gone there in 2007, just two years after Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans is a magical city to visit, and we have a wonderful hotel, the Astor Crowne Plaza, right at the foot of Bourbon St.

BDG: How will you get people to go to class?

RA: (Laughs) They're all grown-ups. They make up their own minds about how they spend conference time.

BDG: They'll go—we've seen your speaker lineup.

RA: And that's the next thing I'm excited about—we have awesome keynoters and several new session leaders. I've been trying to get Guy Kawasaki for nearly a decade, and this year, all the planets aligned to enable him to join us on the Tuesday of conference week. I'm also really looking forward to meeting Keith Harmeyer of SmartStorming fame. His ideas about creative thinking are inspirational. And we welcome several very talented young artists to our team.

BDG: Young? That's unusual for you to make an observation about age.

RA: I know, but I'm north of 50 now, and we're beginning to see patrons who are half my age. That can't be ignored! They bring a fresh and dynamic perspective to the conference, and it is both invigorating and scary.

BDG: Scary? How is it scary?

RA: What if I can't keep up? What if they all see me as an old codger or something?

BDG: I refuse to answer that question.

RA: I suppose that will be the time to retire.

BDG: Not anytime soon, I hope!

RA: No, not anytime soon. This is too much fun.

BDG: What else do you want to say before you retire?

RA: Come to the Presentation Summit this fall to meet a bunch of people who are just as cool as you.

BDG: Thanks, Rick, for taking the time to chat with us. If you want to hear more from Rick and experience his energetic style, check out his interview below. Remember to enter NOLA75 in the client code field to save $75 when you register online for the Presentation Summit.

Rick and I will see you there!

Drinks are on Rick ... well, during the Welcome Reception.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Make Powerful InfoGraphics Fast

Last week, I presented at the ATD International Conference and Exposition to a crowd of over 300 trainers and talent development professionals. Talk about a lot of pressure! They were excited to learn how to make infographics fast, and they took the challenge to create their own infographic at the end of the class.

Here's an overview of my session for those who missed it:

Graphics are known to communicate information faster, be more memorable, improve learning, and increase your likelihood of success. The process of creating infographics comprises 50% concepting and 50% rendering.

Before you render, you need to understand your concept. Write down your thoughts regarding these three main factors:
  • Know your audience. You wouldn't use the same images or text in an infographic intended for middle school students as you would for financial planners. What graphic styles and images speak to your audience? What questions would they want answered about your concept?
  • Know your message. What should your audience learn from your graphic? What is the benefit to your audience? Take a cue from Albert Einstein, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
  • Know how to explain or prove. Once you understand your message, then you need to prove it to the audience by providing metrics or explaining how your concept affects or benefits them.

After you've jotted down answers about your concept, then it is time to draw your concept.
  • Chunk your concepts. Review what you've written. Highlight metrics, benefits, and anything that answers What? or How? Draw boxes around key points.
  • Assemble your concepts. Review what you've highlighted. How can they be assembled to tell a story? How do they relate to each other? Can you assemble them into blocks that align like a pyramid or maybe steps in a process chart?
  • Visualize your total concept. Review the boxes drawn around your metrics and benefits. Consider how they connect. If they create a process graphic, maybe a road or a bridge graphic may speak to your concept of a journey or transporting data. Visualize the icons that relate to the pieces comprising your idea. Use our Graphic Cheat Sheet to help you find the right graphic type for your concept.
Here are a few sites to help you find and create infographics:

I showed the class several infographics for inspiration courtesy of Get My Graphic.


Practice makes better infographics, so I challenged the class to create an infographic based on what I'd taught them.

Here's a sampling of the graphics rendered by the class. Quite impressive considering they had five minutes to create these:

Then one student went to the head of the class and completely rendered his graphic after the workshop. Thanks to Dan Gorgone, Instructional Designer at MarketingProfs, for this awesome infographic. He made this instructor very proud.

Also, thanks to Dan Steer who provided a great overview of the ATD conference and my workshop on his blog

Lastly, thanks to everyone who attended Make Powerful Infographics Fast at ATD and made it a fun, engaging session. I hope to see you next year!

For information on my graphics training click here. To learn more about the graphic process I teach, you can find my book, Do-It-Yourself Billion Dollar Graphics, on Amazon.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Ways to Visualize Your Ideas

Get My Graphic just added new editable PowerPoint graphics to help you better communicate your ideas in unique and memorable ways.

Hub and Spoke Graphics
Below is a sampling of the Hub and Spoke graphics added this past week. You can view the entire collection of these graphics on Get My Graphic under What's New.



How to Use Them

These new Hub and Spoke graphics show relationship or structure. Use these graphics to speak about green technology being deployed throughout your company with each petal representing a different department. If your organization sells nature-based products, a flower image will support the theme of natural ingredients or environmentally friendly processes.

These fully editable PowerPoint graphics are vector based. You can change the colors, remove and add petals, and animate the image.

Communicate These Concepts 
  • Structure
  • Relationship
  • Interaction
  • Organization
  • Green technology
  • Natural products
  • Nature
  • Environment
  • Environmentally-friendly products or processes
  • Agriculture

Monday, April 6, 2015

New Animated PowerPoint Graphics on Get My Graphic

In response to customer requests, we have added a new graphic type to Get My Graphic: Animated.

All our vector-based graphics can be ungrouped and pieces animated. You can view our animation suggestions on our YouTube channel. Check out Taylor Croonquist of Nuts & Bolts Speed Training. He shows what a PowerPoint expert can do with our graphics, and he shares how you can create these interesting animated effects too.

Our new Animated graphics offer suggestions to engage your audience in different ways and make your presentations more memorable. These graphics will also save you time in creating animations from scratch. Here's how to check out our new Animated graphic types.

Under the Search tab click on Select Graphic Type.

Select Animated, the first graphic type on the list. Then click the orange Search Now button. You'll find a page showing a variety of animated graphics.

Click on any image. You will be directed to the page describing that image and buttons for adding the graphic to your portfolio or downloading it. Directly below these buttons is a gray bar for Related Graphics, Ratings, and Videos. Click on Videos to view the animation for that graphic.

Since the animations were applied in PowerPoint, you can change or delete the animation and edit the graphic and text.

Check out a few of our new Animated graphics below and become inspired to communicate your ideas in interesting ways.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Five Presentation Silver Bullets You Can’t Live Without! (Webinar)

In case you missed my PresentationXpert webinar, it's now on YouTube. Learn the secrets for creating successful presentations.

You can find the graphics used in my webinar on Get My Graphic.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Creating Visual Impact with an Animated Gauge Graphic—Guest Post

Guest blogger Taylor Croonquist demonstrates how to use a gauge graphic from Get My Graphic to add visual impact to your presentations. Taylor is the shortcut and productivity guru and co-owner of Nuts & Bolts Speed Training for PowerPoint. Through webinars and online courses, Taylor teaches business professionals how to excel at PowerPoint. His popular YouTube channel and blog provide quick tips for creating slides that will impress your audience and PowerPoint shortcuts so you can make it to Happy Hour. Taylor has taken our Get My Graphic visuals to the next level and created interesting effects that I never realized were possible. 


You probably already know that one of the secret sauces of successful presentations is creating strong visual imagery to support your message.

That said, it’s often A LOT easier said than done!

In the below tutorial, I’ll show you how to add visual impact to any set of slides dealing with risk, uncertainty or other index related information, by tying in an animated gauge graphic.

Creating Visual Impact 

To add visual impact to the below presentation on the AQI pollution index, I added the animated gauge graphic (color coded to the pollution index), to show the varying levels of pollution.

 To keep a consistent theme across all six slides, I used a set nature scene that I made greyer and greyer (smoggier and smoggier) to represent the rising levels of pollution using a grey transparent rectangle.

And if you find it hard to believe that pollution can be so bad, below is a picture of a city that went broke the pollution index … so I’m not just making this up.

To see how to pull this animated gauge graphic off, watch the video below or scroll down the page to read the written tutorial.

Click here to download the graphic + slides for FREE ... a $15+ value!


Part #1 – Preparing Your Objects 

Strategy note, we want to set up our formatting once and then reuse it across all of our gauge graphics.

Step #1: Get or Build Your Gauge Graphic 

For my gauge graphic, I’ve simply downloaded the PowerPoint Gauge Graphic from, you can use the same graphic, something similar or create your own using PowerPoint objects.

The trick here is that you want different heights representing the different levels that you are working with plus a starting point for your gauge graphic to rise from.

For my pollution index table, I need six colors plus a starting point, so the Get My Graphic gauge is perfect as it has seven gauges in total plus the thermometer to house the gauges in (a bonus!).

Step #2: Set Your Gradient Colors 

Once you have your gauges, you’ll want to tie their colors back to the actual index you are using with gradients.

First select your shapes and ungroup them (CTRL + SHIFT + G) if necessary. Select your gauge, navigate to the Drawing Tools Format Tab, select Shape Fill, Select Gradient and Select More Gradients.

Step #3: Add Your Gradient Stops 

Within the dialog box you want to add one more gradient stop than you have gauges to work with. This will ensure that you have a solid color for your gauges to start from. In this case, I need seven gradients stops in total.

To tie your gradients to your index, in PowerPoint 2013 you can use the Eyedropper tool. If you don’t have PowerPoint 2013 you can download a free add-in like color cop to get this additional functionality.

You can play around with the gradient color stops to fit your own presentation.

Step #4: Format Paint your Color Stops 

With your first gauge formatted and set, you’ll then want to format paint you’re formatting onto your other objects.

To do that, select your formatted gauge, navigate to the Home tab, double-click the format painter (to lock it), and then apply that formatting to all of your other gauges (again, you might need to ungroup your objects first), and then hit ESC.

With the formatting set, you then want remove the gradients from the smaller gauges so that each gauge fits the level of your index that it is supposed to represent.

To do that, simply navigate back to the gradients dialog box (see above) and remove the gradients as necessary.

You can see a before and after of the gauges I set up for this tutorial.

Step #5: Center Align Your Gauges 

Before you add the gauges to your presentation, you want to center align them so they are all stacked up, one on top of the other.

To do that, simply select all of your gauges and from the Arrange Tool, select the Alignment tool and select Center Alignment.

Doing so the objects should all stack in the correct order, with the tallest gauge in the background.

If your objects don’t stack up perfectly, you can rearrange them by selecting the individual pieces and using the Bring Forward and Send Backward commands in the Ribbon.


Part #2: Placing your Graphics 

Strategy note, we want to set the alignment and position once (on our first slide) and then reuse its position through the rest of the presentation.

Step #1: Paste and Position the Gauge 

Selecting all of the gauges that are stacked up on top of each other, hit CTRL + C to Copy them, flip over to your presentation and then CTRL + V to paste into your presentation.

You then want to position the gauges on your slide. I’ve stacked mine in the upper left-hand corner of the slide.

Once set on the first slide, CTRL + C to copy the gauges again and then flip through your slides (hit Page Down on your keyboard) and CTRL + V to paste them onto each individual slide.

Doing so ensures that the graphic is in the correct position on each and every slide within your presentation.

Step #2: Remove the Gauges 

With ALL of the gauges on each and every slide, now cycle your slides and delete the gauges that are not relevant to that slide. You can see in the pictures below, I’ve cycled through my presentation and removed all but the gradient that is associated with that specific slide.

Note, on each of the slides I left that bottom green gauge (the seventh color I talked about above) so that when we animate the gauge in the next step, the gauge will always grow from the initial green color at the bottom of the gauge.


Part #3: Animating Your Gradients 

Strategy note (again) … once we set the animation up once, we will again reuse that same animation by copying and pasting it onto our other gauges.

Step #1: Set the First Animation 

On the very first slide, select your gauge and then from the Animations tab add a wipe effect animation. With the animation set, you can then adjust it on the Animations tab, I will set it to Start ‘With Previous’ and change the duration to 1 second.

You can play around with these to fit whatever effect you are going for.

Step #2: Copy and Paste the Animation 

With the animation set and the animated object selected, double-click the Animations Painter (to lock it), and then cycle through your presentation and apply that same animation to the gauge on each slide.


Part #4: Finish Off Your Graphic 

Step #1: Add Back the Gauge Casing 

Once everything is animated and ready to go, as a last step you’ll want to add back the casing for your gauge (if you have one). Doing so will give the entire graphic and animation a more realistic effect.

Simply copy and paste it onto your first slide and set its position once. With its position set, again CTRL + C to copy the casing and cycle through your slides and CRL + V to paste them onto each respective slide.

With the gauges all set up, if you run your presentation in slide show mode, the thermometer will fill up as you move from one slide to the next, adding an additional layer of visual information for you to make your point.

Step #2: Run Your Presentation 

With the casing added, if you now run your presentation, the gauge graphic should fill up as you get to each new slide within your presentation.

Click here to download the graphic + slides for FREE ... a $15+ value!

Want to Learn Another Vector Graphic Trick? 

See how to extend a zipper graphic using a variety of PowerPoint shortcuts and techniques. These techniques will help you get more bang for your buck out of your vector graphics.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Show Progress with Stair and Waterfall Graphics

Get My Graphic has new editable stair and waterfall graphics available for download.

Stair Graphics
Stair graphics show steps in a process. Use this graphic type as a metaphor for progress.

When combined with a world map, a stair graphic can demonstrate starting or ending points for worldwide distribution or corporate expansion. Animate the map so the countries are highlighted when a specific step is discussed.


Use icons to add visual meaning to each step such as a pointing finger for selection, laptop for searching, satellite for communications, puzzle piece for an item in a process, world for global expansion, and handshake for partnership. Of course, how you define the icons is dependent on the meanings your audience will associate with them.


Waterfall Diagram
Waterfall Diagrams show a linear progression of steps in a process. Use icons or photos to add visual explanations to each step and help your audience better remember your content.



Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Join Get My Graphic and Me—Mike Parkinson—at Training Magazine's Conference

Build better training skills and learn industry secrets for developing your company's talent at the 38th Annual Training 2015 Conference & Expo at Atlanta, GA, February 9–11.

Discounts for Billion Dollar Graphics subscribers and readers! Receive a free Expo-only pass by entering code EPEX at Get $250 off a full-conference pass with code TSP2.

On Wednesday, February 11th from 12:15–3:15 p.m., I'll be giving my session:

Picture Perfect: Creating Powerful Graphics—Fast
Countless studies have proven the benefits of using visual communication in learning materials. But how do you design successful graphics that clearly speak to your audience? Learn:
  • Three steps to turn words into powerful graphics.
  • How to objectively validate the effectiveness of any visual.
  • What tools you can use to make your graphics quickly (no design skill required). 
  • How to develop content up to 50% faster.
  • Software tips, tricks and secrets.
  • To stop using too many words and bad clip art.
You’ll walk away with Mike's popular Graphic Cheat Sheet, Top 11 Free and Low-cost Websites for Graphics, and a Graphic Checklist.
LAPTOP RECOMMENDED (NOT REQUIRED): Pre-loaded with PowerPoint 2007 or newer.


February 9–10, stop by Get My Graphic's booth #414 at the Expo. We'll be giving out graphic cheat sheets along with product demonstrations and special offers for attendees. I'll be at the booth to answer any questions about our product, my workshop, or graphic design.


At the conference bookstore, you can buy my Do-It-Yourself Billion Dollar Graphics book. I'll be signing copies on Monday, February 8th at 4 p.m. in the Main Expo bookstore.

Monday, January 26, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Get My Graphic Partners with, Online Marketplace Matching Government Contractors with Expert Consultants

Northern Virginia-based graphics company Billion Dollar Graphics and founder and owner, Mike Parkinson, have partnered with Government Proposal Solutions, Inc., to offer their Get My Graphic product to GPSI’s® corporate subscribers.

Get My Graphic is an online database of nearly 10,000 (and growing) professional graphics editable in PowerPoint. Get My Graphic saves subscribers time and money in creating visuals for presentations, proposals, and marketing materials.

Mr. Parkinson believes Get My Graphic will align well with GPSI’s mission to bring together consultant and freelance experts with government contractors and grantees. According to Mr. Parkinson, “Contractors struggle to maintain an overhead staff of proposal writers, business development professionals, graphic artists, and subject matter experts. GPSI couldn’t have arrived at a better time.” was founded by retired and industry executives. Thousands of experts and expert companies have signed onto

Eric Adolphe, the CEO and founder of GPSI, believes this strategic partnership with Get My Graphic aligns with their goal for member companies “to meet or exceed their growth and profitability goals at far less cost than the investment required to build, develop, and retain organic capabilities needed to develop winning concepts, create strategically aligned teams, and produce winning proposals.”

Mr. Parkinson built Get My Graphic using his 20+ years of design and proposal experience. Through 24 Hour Company, a graphic design company he co-owns, Mr. Parkinson continues to help government contractors and private sector companies create successful proposal and presentation graphics. Mr. Parkinson travels the country teaching visual communication and how to turn ideas and concepts into winning graphics. His book, Do-It-Yourself Billion Dollar Graphics, is going into its third printing and demonstrates his conceptualization process for designers and business professionals.

About Get My Graphic 
Get My Graphic launched in 2006 as a resource to make it easy and affordable to get clear, compelling, professional graphics. The almost 10,000 graphics, infographics, photographs, icons, and templates are fully editable in a Microsoft PowerPoint® environment.

About® is a one-stop secure online marketplace connecting federal, state, local and international government contractors and grantees with verified experts and consultants. also provides real time market intelligence, a Knowledge Academy, secure collaboration, talent-matching services for verified experts, and a broad range of related business services. Their expert database includes former government officials and private sector employees who spent years supporting public sector programs. Contractors can search for proposal managers, graphic artists, price to win specialists, contracts specialists, bid protest attorneys, marketing and communications specialists, government affairs specialists, cyber security experts, IT and programming, construction experts, and other skills.

Monday, January 19, 2015

New Gauges, Infographics and Tree Diagrams

We are close to reaching our 10,000 graphic mark at Get My Graphic. Below is a sampling of graphics added this month and how you can use them in your presentations.

Gauge Graphic
Use the new gauge graphics instead of a typical risk matrix to show the risk level for a task, project, or process. Rotate the needle to the area corresponding to low, medium or high risk.

Infographics incorporate several graphics and icons to tell a story with information.

Use this infographic containing gauges to compare risk levels of different tasks.

This infographic has a timeline to display events over years, months, or days. Compare data, speed, web, and documents with the icons over the time period.

Use this infographic with the fully editable map to highlight countries and their data, computer, or web usages and laws governing information streaming.

Tree Diagram
Use Tree Diagrams as a visual metaphor or timeline for growth or emerging technologies. It is also a different way to show your organization with various "branches" sprouting from the main company.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Create Billion Dollar Proposal & Presentation Graphics

Sponsored by TargetGov, I'll be teaching a full-day workshop showing attendees how to create winning proposal and presentation graphics. Join me January 15th at the UMBC Research and Technology Park in Baltimore, Maryland. Go to TargetGov for full details.

Get visual! Qualified companies who do not communicate with compelling graphics frequently lose federal contracts to vendors who do win. Responding to federal RFPs can be a high-stakes gamble. Average proposal costs have risen nearly 50% in just three years.

Mike Parkinson, one of the industry’s best visual communications experts and published author, will teach you how to:
  • Increase your odds to win contracts
  • Differentiate your company
  • Make your proposals stand out as the best solution
  • Quickly and clearly communicate complex information and concepts
  • Enhance evaluators rapid understanding of your company’s value
Click here for more information and how to register for Mike's class and learn ways to transform your words into successful graphics.