Monday, January 13, 2014

How to Render a Conveyor Belt Graphic in PowerPoint

More and more designers are relying on PowerPoint to create graphics, because they don't have access to programs like Adobe Illustrator. Often Get My Graphic users ask how I design these professional looking graphics in PowerPoint. Certain effects can be created easily by using basic PowerPoint shapes and tools to build an image that looks like it was created in graphic software like Illustrator. Below are the steps to building one of our most popular process graphics: the conveyor belt.

To add more visual interest, group the boxes and conveyor belt elements and select Format Shape/3-D Format and under the Depth option, enter "300 pt" (adjust as needed because the correct depth is dependent upon the size of your graphic). Next, select 3-D Rotation and under Parallel, select the "Off Axis 1 Right" option (move your cursor over the images to reveal the names). Exit. Next, select the entire group (your 3D conveyor belt with boxes) and then click on one of the boxes. Next, Shift Click (click holding the Shift key) to select the remaining boxes within the group. Again, select Format Shape/3-D Format and change the Depth to "200 pt" for the top boxes. Exit and reposition the boxes as shown below. Next, group and select the arrows. select Format Shape/3-D Rotation and under Parallel, select "Off Axis 1 Right." (This process is similar for Mac users.)

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