Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Season's Greetings from Billion Dollar Graphics

Season's greetings from Billion Dollar Graphics! Thank you for your support this past year. We hope 2014 will bring you loads of success. To help you start the year right, we're giving our readers 13% off Get My Graphic credits and subscriptions until January 2, 2014. Just enter the code 2013DEAL at checkout.

Every month through Get My Graphic, we bring you new and exciting ways to communicate visually. Below are recent additions to our growing database of graphics. Click here to view all our new graphics.

Icons (Icons_0542)
Use this fully editable graphic as a metaphor for storing and accessing processes, procedures, data, and other elements or to illustrate compartmentalizing.The drawers can be opened and closed.

Table (Table_0088)
Use this fully editable Table to correlate data along multiple axes, list stages in a process, show levels of effort, etc.

Hube and Spoke Graphic (HubSpoke_0218)
Use this fully editable Hub and Spoke graphic to show the relationship, structure, or flow of an organization or process.

DNA Graphic (DNA_0059)
Use this fully editable DNA Graphic to illustrate the synergy of multiple actions, concepts, or entities. Together they combine to create a new, better solution (and breathe new “life” into the project).

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