Wednesday, February 6, 2013

For Our Proposal Professionals: Win LPTA Bids on Technical Expertise by Using Visuals

Washington Technology is running my article on LPTA bids.  Here's a teaser:  

How Technical Expertise Can Win an LPTA Competition 

 Lowest price technically acceptable is a criterion used to select a solution provider from a list of competitors in a federally governed proposal competition.

Competitors that are graded “technically acceptable” (i.e., their proposal meets the capability requirements defined in the request for proposals make it to the final round. Between these finalists, price alone dictates which proposal wins.

Using LPTA as the criterion for a proposal proclaims that the RFP issuer sees no benefit from an offeror exceeding the requirements stated in the RFP. Excluding simple deliverables, LPTA is not a wise strategy for selecting most proposals. Devaluing quality and experience raises risk levels.

Unfortunately, our country’s current fiscal situation is increasing the number of RFPs reliant on LPTA to determine the winner. Working within the limitations of LPTA is the only option if we want to bid on the growing number of LPTA RFPs.

So, what can we do to increase our chances of winning LPTA RFPs?

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Read the rest of the article here.

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