Friday, November 9, 2012

Win More Proposals with Better Graphics (Nov 14th Event in VA)

Information design is the skill and practice of preparing information so people can quickly and completely grasp the meaning and importance of your solution. Data is usually complex, and a visual representation can and should express its meaning much more clearly. Today, being able to Convey your message, while grabbing their attention and appealing to their logical and emotional mind is one of the key ways to win a proposal. Your goal with proper graphics is to make them memorable, give them something to remember when evaluating all of the proposals they are reviewing. With that being said, a bad graphic can actually be worse than no graphic at all.
This event will help you take what is in your and your teams heads and create a engaging, complete visual message.

Winning proposals require professional graphics that sell your solution. Three leading industry expert design professionals will discuss how the Proposal Manager and Capture Manager can best work in partnership with the graphics designer to conceptualize, render and produce professional graphics. Specific topics include:
  • How to craft the Executive Summary graphic 
  • How to develop quick turnaround graphics 
  • Why the proposal cover is important to the win 
 The marketplace is only getting more competitive, Bid and proposal budgets are tight, and Proposal professionals are looking for ways to get their message across efficiently and effectively in order to stand out from their competitors. On the 14th we will show you how appealing, professional graphics not only sell the solution but make an important and lasting impression on customers. This session will address these target markets:
  • Capture Managers: how to conceptualize the capture strategy through graphics 
  • Proposal Managers: how to work with graphics designers to develop graphics that sell the solution 
  • Graphics Designers: how to work in partnership with the proposal team to get the information needed to conceptualize, render and produce the graphics. 
All target audiences will learn how to work in partnership to conceptualize the winning solution, render it as a professional graphic and produce a winning design – for the entire proposal, executive summary, cover, and also for quick turn proposals.

Specific knowledge you should expect to takeaway:
  • Create winning, visually appealing, professional graphics that sell the proposal solution, including for executive summaries and in quick turn situations.
  • Create proposal covers that make a great first impression and tell the story of the solution.
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