Monday, October 29, 2012

What Will You Remember? Help Find the Cure for PowerPoint Amnesia.

Dr. Carmen Taran of Rexi Media wants YOU to take a part in her new study where she searches for the answer to this simple question:

How many slides do people remember from a PowerPoint presentation after 48 hours? 

What do you think: 3, 4 slides? Maybe more? This empirical study implies 5 minutes of your time to watch a 20-slide PowerPoint deck. Then in two days, Dr. Taran will ask what you remember via a 1-question online form. That’s it. She will post her findings on our Billion Dollar Graphics blog, which will translate into practical guidelines on how to create more memorable PowerPoint presentations. You will also be able to download the slides you view.

Click here to access the research site. 

Help the world create better PowerPoint presentations and cure slide amnesia. Five minutes is all it takes to make a difference—and learn the secrets to more memorable presentations.

Deadline is November 10th. 


Dr. Carmen Taran is a leader in the virtual presentation movement, a forward thinker, and a cognitive scientist. She has a passion for virtual presentations and a healthy addiction to understanding the human psyche which comes in handy in her role as an executive coach at Rexi Media. Carmen's presentations and workshops help business professionals use communication skills to increase revenue, train or motivate others, and above all, to stand out from too much sameness in the industry. A published author, Carmen is frequently invited as a keynote speaker at various events. She has kept audiences alert and entertained at conferences throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

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