Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Slide Approved by the Hoff

We had another successful week at the Presentation Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona. A huge THANK YOU to Rick Altman and his amazing team for hosting another fun and informative conference with experts from all corners of the presentation industry including Dave Paradi, Carmen Taran, Julie Terberg, and Jim Endicott to name just a few.

Not only did we have a booth for Get My Graphic where attendees could test our product ...

 But I had the honor of presenting my Build-a-Slide workshop.
I taught the audience about determining the P.A.Q.S. before they design their slide graphics:
  • P -- What is the Primary Objective of the graphic?
  • A -- Who is your Audience?
  • Q -- What Questions does your audience want answered about your product/service?
  • S -- What are the answers to the audience's questions about the Subject matter?
After reviewing each of the P.A.Q.S and handing out copies of our Graphics Cheat Sheet, I split the class into teams. Based on the following criteria, I asked them to create a quality control process slide for a fictional hamburger business run by David Hasselhoff:
The class used the Graphics Cheat Sheet for ideas on how to show a QC process and applied the P.A.Q.S. steps to ensure they covered everything that the Hoff had requested. After they were finished, their team captains held up their sketches for the class. I was surprised and pleased to see that the teams had developed similar concepts.
Here is Andy Saks, owner of Spark Presentations, explaining his team's concept.
Even though every concept was well thought out and very creative, we could only choose one winner.
The winning team used a metaphor of a conveyor belt graphic with a burger (know your Audience, since it is a burger restaurant) being assembled at each step representing the QC process (answering the audience's Questions). Below each step in the process are bullet points explaining each step in detail (know the Subject matter). The primary object is stated in the title of the slide--More Burgers, Mo' Money!--with a happy, attractive woman enjoying the final product.

Thank you to everyone who took part in my class to make it a great workshop! If you have any questions about the P.A.Q.S. process please feel free to email me at or check out my book Do-It-Yourself Billion Dollar Graphics, which details the steps I taught during my class to turn your ideas into powerful graphics.

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