Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inspired Blog

One of things we love best about our job is when our products help other people reach their goals.

Inspired IT wrote a blog detailing how they downloaded Process_0325 from BizGraphics on Demand to help make "a boring list look interesting."

However, as they populated the graphic with their text, they began to see this graphic in a different light. They began to reconsider the purpose for displaying their information in this graphic. What did they want their audience to take away from the visual? Certainly, their audience didn't care that the image was "interesting." If it didn't communicate anything relevant, why show it to them? The graphic needed to be more than just a cool image. It needed to have a purpose and communicate that purpose to their audience.

They distilled their information down into the most important points that mattered to their audience. Using these points, they slowly transformed this graphic from a unique image to that which clearly communicated their goals. The author realized the graphic needed a goal or else it should not be used. What started as an "interesting" image ended as a graphic that not only captured the audience's attention but communicated the author's objectives in a memorable and compelling way.

Check out how they did it!

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