Friday, October 29, 2010

Expert Interview by an Expert Interviewer

Recently, I was interviewed by Michael Searles of Michael Searles Media for his blog series, Interviews with Experts. I was honored that he considered doing an interview with me and excited that he wanted me to impart my knowledge of visual communication with his audience. You can listen to the full interview (and also get a peak at the first chapter of Billion Dollar Business Graphics) at his blog by clicking here.

I also recommend bookmarking his site and checking back often. If you are in sales or marketing or an entrepreneur looking to improve your business in various ways, Michael Searles has an expert interview to help guide you on the right path with some brilliant ideas and insight. Past interviews and blogs include social media tips, building successful email lists (including an interesting blog about Martin Lewis who has 5,000,000 people on his mailing list), writing techniques, and motivational stories—to name a few.

Thank you, Michael, for compiling a great site for so much helpful information for anyone who wants to improve their life and business. And thank you, again, for an amazing interview.

Now check it out!