Thursday, September 24, 2009

More News and How to Use Quantative Graphics to Illuminate Your Ideas

Mike's proposal graphics training is now accredited by the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP). Earn 5–10 CEUs (continuing education units) when you complete Mike's training on conceptualizing proposal graphics—graphics for presentations and oral proposals that answer RFPs and requests for various contract work from the government and private industry. APMP offers tools, techniques, processes, networking, classes, etc., to help business acquisition professionals hone their skills and win more business. To learn more about the APMP's accreditation program click here.

If you're attending the Annual Southern Proposal Accents Conference (SPAC) in Atlanta on October 30, Mike will be giving an all-day proposal graphics workshop on October 29th. You will receive 8 CEUs for attending the session. For more information and to register for this special training session, click here.

Also, Colleen Jolly, a partner in 24 Hour Company, is presenting at SPAC on graphics: A DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Guide to Proposal Graphics. She will focus on the basics of information design and various rendering tips and tricks so you can graphically improve your presentations and win more sales!


Below is a slide show by Hans Rosling, a doctor and researcher who identified a new paralytic disease induced by hunger in rural Africa. Plugging in world data on infant mortality rates, poverty, disease, and other economic and social trends, Dr. Rosling creates graphics that show the bigger picture of social and economic development with his remarkable trend-revealing software. This presentation proves how "seeing is believing" and how graphics can distill complex concepts into memorable and powerful visuals.

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