Thursday, April 16, 2009

Emotions Play a Major Role in Decision Making

If you know my process for developing powerful presentations, proposals, and marketing materials then you know a big part of success involves emotions. Below is a story shared with me by Rob Ransone of Ransone Associates ( It is another story that proves the power of emotions in the decision making process...

On my proposal for Armtec, an Esterline Company, for its decoy flares proposal to the Army, they were one of two incumbents making flares. The Army wanted two contractors so that if one line burned, the other could still produce. These two were bidding for a new flare contract, with the "winner" getting 55% and the second place getting 45% of the contract. A new, startup company now entered the picture with a completely modern plant.

Armtec was concerned about its Quality Program--it had all of the requirements, but lacked some of the "bells and whistles." I opened the Quality Section with the following email from a young airman in Iraq, whose father worked at Armtec:

“Last night, unfortunately, we had to put dad’s flares to the test 86 times as (our C-130 was) targeted by a series of ground launched weapons right after takeoff from a classified location. The flares worked excellent, or I would probably not be here typing this to you today...” - An email from the son of our M206 flare case supplier

Also, I was impressed with the dedication and interest of the workers ... manufacturing the flares, so I had a company photographer photograph them doing their jobs. He did an outstanding job, and also got statements from them. I used these photos and statements in the illustration of Armtec's manufacturing process.

As a result, Armtec's evaluation and the other incumbent's were identical, except that the other bidder was scored "Good" on Quality, and Armtec was scored "Excellent," Armtec got the 55% award, bought the third bidder, and is now the world's largest manufacturer of decoy flares.


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