Saturday, December 15, 2007

Be Interdependent and WIN!

OK, here it is. The truth... If you agree, you will benefit greatly . If you disagree, you will work harder, spend more money, and eventually lose to your competition. What is it? Simple: do what you are best at and let your team do the same.

Play to your strengths. If it's really hard for you to do or you don't do it well, turn to those that excel at it and watch results exceed everyone's expectations. Why am I saying this? Because at every company I work with many business professionals (really smart, driven, talented professionals) do not rely on the strengths of those they hire and/or work with. For example, if I hire a copywriter with a proven track record why should I spend a lot of time writing copy? I should tell the copywriter what I want and let them do what they are BEST at. That means I get to focus on what I am BEST at. In the end I have two "experts" doing what they do best for the same goal. What do you think the end result will be?

I regularly meet with colleagues who work for large and small companies (companies that everyone knows). My colleagues are business developers, trainers, marketing experts, proposal professionals, writers, graphic designers, and the like. Over and over I hear the same thing. Each was hired because he or she was head and shoulders above the others who tried for the position. Each has an great reputation in their respective industry. However, each spends an inordinate amount of time explaining why they are qualified to do their job. They spend too much time (that is my opinion) convincing their team to trust them to leverage their extensive experience, education, and skills to hit the company's goals. That means that those who often question their teammates' ability to do their job are often ignoring their own roles and responsibilities.

How do we fix it? Interdependence is the key. Hire and work with those you feel are qualified to do what is needed and let them do their job. Your time is so valuable. It is quickly gobbled up by your day-to-day. Let's throw away second guessing other's abilities if they have been pre qualified and focus instead on goals, schedules, action items, regular communication, and
accountability. If you and I can make this happen with our teams, our rewards are endless.

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