Thursday, September 4, 2014

Learn How to Be a Better Presenter at the Presentation Summit 2014

We are just seven weeks away from the 2014 rendition of the greatest conference in the universe for presentation professionals, and for the next 14 days, we will offer a most extraordinary promotion:
  • Register for the conference before Sep 8.
  • Designate a second person to go at half-price.
All of our amazing seminars, fabulous keynote addresses, awesome technical support, and phenomenal community building—available to two from a company at the lowest price ever offered. (If you have already registered for the conference, you can add a second person at half-price.)
Join Mike Parkinson as he presents five presentation silver bullets and gives a keynote on how to listen, learn, share, and succeed. Our staff will be at the expo to demonstrate Get My Graphic with fun prizes and specials just for Summit attendees.

Make your plans now to join us...with a friend. (And if you choose to come by yourself, that's okay, too!)

The Presentation Summit
Oct 12-15 • San Diego CA

Friday, August 1, 2014

New Graphics on Get My Graphic and How to Use Them

This July we added 175 new graphics to Get My Graphic. Below is a sampling of these new visuals, editable in PowerPoint 2007 or newer, and hints for how you can use them in your next presentation or marketing materials. 

Bridge Graphic
Use a bridge graphic as a memorable visual metaphor to show a transition from a past to a future state or how separate phases flow together.


A mix of icons with bands of colors help highlight chapters or sections within your presentation, web page, or marketing brochure.

These editable icons can be used a word balloons or to highlight a benefit or description within a graphic.
Place these pin graphics throughout your presentation to highlight features of your product or process. Place the icons on your overview slide and then use the pins to call attention to different sections.

This table graphic acts as a slide rule that you can animate by sliding across rows to highlight relationships between variables and parameters.


Venn Diagram
Venn diagrams are the best way to show synergy. Our new graphics put a twist on Venn diagrams. Adding icons calls out your information so readers instantly see your point.